Mainstream Media Claims Biden Made A Comeback

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – New York Times columnist Ezra Klein backtracked on his previous push for President Joe Biden to not run in the 2024 presidential election for a second term. He proceeded to describe the State of the Union address delivered by Biden as a “comeback” for his hopes of winning the election. 

On Sunday, Kley argued that if the same President Biden who delivered the address is the same one that shows up for the reelection campaign until November, then there won’t be any more claims by pundits that Biden is not up for running for a second term in office. He proceeded to say that this is what he was hoping would happen. 

Previously Klein had referred to Biden’s age and his handling of the Israel-Hamas war as proof of why Biden needed to step down from the presidential race and allow someone younger to take over the Democratic party ticket in 2024. These comments were further exacerbated by Biden’s poor polling numbers. 

However, following Thursday’s address, Klein changed his stance arguing that the speech was the “greatest comeback story” and that Biden had managed to simultaneously remind American voters that Trump’s “erratic management style” was possibly returning, while also showing Biden’s progress. 

He added that this was the type of message that the incumbent president should be putting out as they needed to convince others that there were “good things” that had occurred. 

Democrats have praised Biden for the speech which included a lot of criticisms of GOP policy. During the address, Biden was also livelier which helped dispel some of the concerns regarding his mental well-being. 

Klein further pointed out that while the attacks on former President Doanld Trump were important, Biden also needed to campaign on policy that would allow him to win the election. 

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