VIDEO: Democrat Mayor Attacked On Airplane

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – During a recent flight, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, was verbally assaulted by a passenger who filmed the confrontation. In the video, the passenger aggressively criticizes Adams, using profanities and condemning his leadership and policies. She accuses him of neglecting the city’s issues, such as homelessness and education, while allegedly prioritizing police funding.

The incident began when the woman approached Adams, who was seated next to an aide, and after confirming his identity, launched into a heated tirade. She blamed him for supporting actions she described as genocide in Palestine and criticized his presence in Miami during ongoing crises in New York City.

A man seated next to Adams attempted to intervene by standing between the mayor and the irate passenger. Despite the interference and other passengers expressing frustration over the delay, the woman continued her rebuke, questioning Adams’ commitment to New York’s citizens and his decision to travel during a time of protest and arrest in the city.

The confrontation was shared on social media by conservative influencer Collin Rugg, after being initially posted on TikTok with a caption indicating that Mayor Adams was returning from a weekend trip to Miami.

This event adds to the scrutiny over Adams’ lifestyle, highlighted in past reports by prominent publications about his frequent visits to upscale venues, raising questions about whether these outings were self-financed.

On the day Adams left for the Miami conference, he publicly condemned anti-Israel protests at Columbia University, denouncing any support for Hamas and instructing the NYPD to investigate any reported legal violations, emphasizing that hate has no place in the city.


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