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Here at Target Liberty, we understand that American Freedoms are constantly under attack. We believe in preserving the core tenets and values that the great United States of America were built upon. We do this with grace, dignity, perseverance, passion, and — above all – the highest level of journalistic integrity possible.

Target Liberty’s Mission

We’re disgusted by the corrupt minority’s attempts to strip our tax dollars away from worthy causes in order to fund their own agendas. Our mission is to ensure the industrial military complex, its financiers, and others with personal interests are exposed for what they are. We need to make sure our tax dollars are directed towards the causes we hold dear and aren’t giving those with disturbing agendas the money and power needed to continue attempting to disarm the American public.

How do we do this? By disseminating information in a way that makes it both accessible and understandable to our nation’s citizens. Knowledge is power. By adhering to a high level of journalistic integrity, doing our research, fact-checking, and publishing, we can do our part to make sure our fellow patriots are armed with the information they need to make informed decisions – whether that’s how to spend their dollars or what to do in the voting booth.

The Target Liberty Team

We’re incredibly proud of the team we’ve assembled here at Target Liberty. Every single journalist, writer, editor, designer, and staff member brings a unique skill set and talent to the table. Combined, they’re able to present well-rounded and informational pieces with the details necessary to guide our readers towards making informed decisions.

Our backgrounds are vast and varied. The team is made up of trained journalists, educational professionals, military members, politicians, farmers, tradesmen, and so much more. Their shared perspectives span the geographic country, industrial and agricultural experiences, and ensure the majority of Americans have some sort of representation when it comes to assessing the details of a situation.

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Our editors welcome your messages and feedback. Feel free to reply to a newsletter or to email us at any time. We read all of our messages and will get back to you, if appropriate, as soon as humanly possible. We can’t wait to hear from you – and to get to know you!

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