Major University Ejects Palestine Protesters

Photo by Nikolas Gannon on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the University of Texas’ Palestine Solidarity Committee announced that they had been placed on interim suspension after several arrests that had occurred earlier this week. 

The PSC took to Instagram to reveal that the university had suspended the organization and had alleged that the school had repeatedly made changes to the protest policies without providing clear instructions on the policy changes. As the group pointed out these changes started at the time of the protests on campus. 

In its post, the organization argued that the suspension of the PSC was an attack on free speech that was looking to draw attention away from the genocidal campaign followed by Israel against the Palestinian people. It further pointed out that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the University’s president Jay Hartzell have already provided authorization to the Austin Police, UT police, and Texas State Troopers to arrest and attack those who were protesting on campus. It continued by arguing that Palestinians continue to live in a state of emergency and that this was something that the university was refusing to acknowledge.

A spokesperson for the university had told CBS Austin that the interim suspension had been caused by the group violating the rules of the institution on conduct and integrity. The suspension also means that the organization would be unable to host any on-campus events, collaborate with faculty, or reserve rooms on campus. 

On Wednesday over 30 people had been arrested on UT Austin’s Campus during a Pro-Palestine protest. 

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