DeSantis Steps Up To Bat For Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Reports have surfaced about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fundraising for his one-time rival, former President Donald Trump, in the coming weeks.

DeSantis’s plans, which remain tentative at this stage according to sources familiar with the matter, will set in motion the commitment he made to Trump in April.

Despite the precarious nature of the arrangement, DeSantis is reportedly calling donors while his finance team drafts a schedule that would include the Florida Governor making stops across his state and Texas to fundraise for Trump.

The decision to fundraise for Trump, after his GOP Presidential nominee opponent taunted him as “DeSanctimonious,” is a substantial step DeSantis is making in an attempt to mend political fences with Trump.

The olive branch includes DeSantis offering Trump his most prized asset — his extensive fundraising network. The gesture could prove fruitful should DeSantis put his hat in the race in 2028, when Trump might be ineligible for the race because of Constitutional term limits.

Roy Bailey, co-chairman of DeSantis’ national finance committee and a Dallas investor, suggested the Florida Governor had displayed his commitment to Trump, which would prompt donors to “follow his lead.”

However, Bailey was not a source about DeSantis’ plans to fundraise on Trump’s behalf. Yet, his statements seemingly confirm what sources have suggested, as Bailey stated DeSantis’ finance team would be focusing on DeSantis donors who haven’t donated to Trump.

Before DeSantis exited the GOP’s Presidential nomination race, he had raised over $183 million. The Florida Governor had also raised $200 million toward his 2022 Florida Governor campaign.

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