Trump’s Jury Finally Revealed?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – There are already seven jurors selected in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial. Trump is the first U.S. president, former or current to have sat for a criminal case. 

Trump’s defense team, prosecutors, and the judge have been narrowing down the list of people who could be jurors in the trial. Originally the prospective jurors were 96 when the trial selection started on Monday afternoon. 

The jurors were asked to answer a questionnaire where they asked him about everything including information about where they lived, the news they consumed, and everything else relating to them. Over half of the original group of jurors ended up being dismissed immediately after they ended up being dismissed for raising their hands to not being capable of being impartial or fair. 

The jurors who are going to be on the trial will remain anonymous to the public and press. However, the general descriptions for all of the jurors are already public because of the reporters who posted them and those who were in the courtroom during the selection process who have already seen many of the selected jurors. 

The total number of jurors in the case is going to be 12 people, there will also be at least six alternates that are going to serve in the trial that will be serving. The trial is expected to last only six to eight weeks. 

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