Biden Bans New Mining Construction Plan

Photo by Jacob Vizek on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration is planning to not provide approval to the proposed industrial road from a metallurgical mining company that would span across northwestern Alaska.

On Wednesday, one source confirmed that currently, the Interior Department’s official position is that there would not be any action.

The Ambler Access Project that has been proposed is going to extend for over 200 miles, some of which are on federally-owned land. As such it would require the approval of the Interior Department. Ambler Metals would be given exclusive access to the large copper deposits in the area. 

 The project was originally approved by the outgoing Trump Interior Department in late 2020. However, after taking office Deb Haaland, the Interior Secretary ordered the process to be reviewed.

The project has the backing of two of the GOP senators in the state, Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, as well as Democratic House Rep. Mary Peltola. Despite this support, the project has received a lot of opposition from local tribal leaders who have argued that it could potentially be harmful to local fisheries and wildlife that are important for the survival of Native Alaskans.

The Tanana Chiefs Conference, which is representing 42 tribal groups has argued that this road would really harm their people’s ability to hunt and fish in the area which is something they have done for thousands of years. They added that just the road is going to affect 125 miles and 200,000 acres of public lands that are currently in the hands of the State.

Ambler’s spokesperson has noted that they have not yet received any information regarding the project.

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