Blue-Collar Group Vows To Vote Republican

Photo by Ivan Henao on Unsplash

( – In Pennsylvania, which is a key battleground state, former President Donald Trump choosing to denounce the “war on energy” has been appealing to voters which could potentially crush the reelection hopes of President Joe Biden. 

Democratic voters in the state believe that Biden’s Green agenda is hostile to their energy cost concerns, especially in light of recent inflation. 

Adam Kress, a suburbanite from Pittsburgh argued that everyone knows that if the GOP gets elected it is going to be better for both gas and oil. The report notes that outside of the big cities in the state, which have a Democratic majority, more voters are moving toward Trump and his energy policies. 

John Sabo, who is a manager in the natural gas fracking industry in the state, argued that he would never again be voting for the Democrats. He also said that he had left the Democratic Party in both of the previous presidential elections in favor of voting for Trump. 

He added that this was the exact feeling that the Blue Dog Democrats have and that they are now choosing to vote red. 

Alan Benyak, the Democratic State Committee former member and Washington County lawyer, argued that the Biden energy policies were a deal-breaker. As he told the party she used to be a “middle-of-the-road Democratic Party conservative but now every time she attended a meeting she felt like a dinosaur. This was why she switched parties after 2022.

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