Democrat Senator Trashes Biden Over Israel

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Pennsylvanian Sen. Fetterman stated during a CNN interview that he did not agree with the decision of President Biden for the United States to not be involved in Israel’s offensive response against the attack on Iran. He proceeded to argue that he would never “capitulate to the fringe” of the Democratic party. 

During the interview, CNN host Jake Tapper had asked Fetterman what his response was to the reports that Biden had informed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the country would not be participating in an offensive operation. He proceeded to question whether he agreed with some other Senators who had suggested that direct U.S. military action should be an option or if he believed that Biden had made the correct call. 

Fetterman claimed that this was not something that he agreed with, and argued that they needed to support Israel in this situation. He proceeded to say that he was not in agreement with Biden on this issue, but that this did not change the fact that he considered Biden to be an excellent president who he was happy to campaign and stand in support of. 

Tapper had then asked the Senator whether he had a response to Sen. Marco Rubio, who had argued that it was “offensive” of the White House to have leaked information about Saturday’s private conversation between Biden and Netanyahu, as he had stated this was just an attempt by Biden to appease his party’s far left. 

Fetterman responded by saying that Biden had the right to his own views but claimed that he would not capitulate on the party’s fringe. 

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