Liberals Rage Over Trump’s Warning To The Supreme Court

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump reiterated his call for presidential immunity in a recent post on Truth Social, emphasizing the stakes ahead of a Supreme Court hearing next week regarding his claim in the context of a federal election interference case.

Trump expressed his concerns starkly: “IF IMMUNITY IS NOT GRANTED TO A PRESIDENT, EVERY PRESIDENT THAT LEAVES OFFICE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY INDICTED BY THE OPPOSING PARTY,” he wrote on Saturday morning. He argued that without full immunity, a sitting president’s ability to govern effectively would be compromised.

This plea came shortly after a New York judge ruled that Trump could not attend the oral arguments at the Supreme Court scheduled for next Thursday. The decision was based on New York state laws that require a defendant to be present during their trial unless explicit permission is granted by the court for absence.

Adding to the complexity of Trump’s situation, a group of more than a dozen retired high-ranking military officials filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court earlier this month. They voiced strong objections to Trump’s immunity claims, arguing that granting such immunity could undermine the military’s role in American society, disrupt the constitutional order, and pose risks to national security.

The brief detailed concerns that an overarching immunity could empower anti-democratic and authoritarian movements globally, which they described as a significant and unacceptable threat to both the United States and its position on the international stage.

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