Biden Says Trump In Hiding?

Michael Vadon, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In 2020 President Joe Biden received a lot of criticism for not publicly running his campaign, and many had even labeled his campaign as occurring from “the basement.” However, in 2024 the Biden campaign is instead trying to portray former President Donald Trump, who is the candidate who is staying out of the public eye. 

On Tuesday the Biden campaign told reporters that after he had delivered his State of the Union address, President Biden had ended up visiting each battleground state in the country. However, in comparison, Trump has mainly spent his time in Mar-a-Lago. They added that Trump’s campaign did not have enough funds and that it was “weak.” They further pointed out that during the limited appearances that Trump had made he appeared to have the “same extreme vision” and that he was losing his agenda. 

This month Trump appeared at a rally for Senate candidate Bernie Moreno in Ohio, however, he has either spent the rest of his time in Mar-a-Lago or attending the various court cases. This week alone Trump had been in New York for both the civil fraud trial against him and the criminal hush money case. 

Trump was in New York this week for his civil fraud trial and his criminal hush money case. 

On Monday James Singer, the spokesman of the Biden campaign claimed that Trump was “weak and desperate” as both a presidential candidate and a man. He then added that he had spent the whole weekend golfing and lying about having money that he did not have. 

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