Democrats Want Biden To Take On Who?

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Following the loss of the House of Representatives by the Democrats, they are now hoping that the GOP majority will give President Biden a boost as he seeks reelection.

The White House and the election cycles turn to work in patterns. Both former Presidents Clinton and Obama managed to win their reelection campaigns after losing the House. This is a pattern that many hope Biden will replicate, especially considering the chaos that has come from the lower chamber in the last week.

Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor, said that the GOP is collapsing as was evident by the 15 ballots that were needed in order for Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to be elected as Speaker. He further argued that the inactivity of the GOP could lead to a government shutdown which would cause even further problems for Republicans.

Rendell is not the only one to be viewing this as an opportunity for Biden to come out on top.
Nayyera Haq, a former Obama aide, has also pointed out that the GOP’s current position is not helping their case. This is because being the party that does not have control of the White House will usually mean that you have to present a united front. However, the chaos in the House has clearly shown that the GOP is unable to lead united.

Democrats are not the only ones to have opposed the events that took place in the House of Representatives. One Biden ally said that when talking with Republicans during that week many were saying “‘What the f— are we doing? This is terrible.’” The infighting in the Republican party provided a lot of ammunition for liberals and moderates alike who were quick to point out how the ultraconservative part of the GOP was causing delays in electing a Speaker.