Biden Declares War On Diesel

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration has finalized the regulations relating to restricting emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, including buses and trucks. This is part of President Biden’s climate agenda. 

On Friday morning the Environmental Protection Agency announced the new greenhouse gas emissions standards which according to officials represent the strongest such standards. The rules are set to go into effect in 2026 and will affect model year 2027 vehicles. The standards are going to become stricter through model year 2032, as a larger number of buses and trucks are going to be moving towards zero emissions within that time frame. 

White House Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi has noted that the EPA’s standards are going to complement the investment made by the Biden administration towards the community as they aim to reduce harmful emissions while also improving transportation technologies and manufacturing capabilities. They are also looking to tackle heavy-duty vehicle pollution which could have a positive effect on economic, climate, and public health gains. 

EPA Administrator Michael Reagan has argued that in finalizing these standards the EPA would significantly reduce pollution from some of the “hardest-working vehicles” currently on the road. He added that this was an addition to their existing rules for light- and medium-duty vehicles which is going to assist in cutting down the emissions in the transportation sector. 

The new aggressive standards from the EPA are going to help cut down on tons of greenhouse gas emissions while also providing $13 billion in net societal benefits each year. The agency also notes that the regulations are going to set the heavy-duty vehicle industry on the road to more sustainable growth. 

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