2 School Principals Caught Violating Election Laws

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – In the Denton Independent School District in Texas, two principals are facing criminal charges for having allegedly violated state school laws. 

In February Lindsay and Jesus Lujan who are married and are the principals of Alexander Elementary School and Borman Elementary respectively had reportedly used their school email addresses to email staff and encourage them to vote for candidates that oppose school choice. According to Fox 4, the emails were pushing for people to vote in March’s GOP primary election for those candidates who did not support the school voucher plan proposed by Gov. Greg Abbott. 

The lawsuit was filed by Ken Paxton (R), the Texas Attorney General against the school district after the emails were leaked in February. Following the emergence of the case, the school district and Paxton’s office had ended up reaching a settlement. The principals have been charged with unlawful usage of an internal mail system for political advertising. This Class A misdemeanor has a $4,000 fine and a maximum penalty of up to one year of imprisonment. 

The Texas American Federation of Teachers has opposed these charges arguing that they are a “politically motivated legal attack.” In a news release, they further stated that this was a move against teachers and staff in schools who are fulfilling their duty by using their voices to push for civil engagement and to advocate for public education. 

The district has maintained that it is necessary for election laws to continue being followed, and has encouraged the public to educate themselves on different candidates and the positions they hold before voting for the candidates they prefer. 

Next month Lindsay Lujan is set to appear before the court for a hearing, while her husband’s hearing has been set for June.

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