VIDEO: Hollywood Star Teaches Christians A Lesson?

Photo by De'Andre Bush on Unsplash

( – This week, “Reacher” star Alan Ritchson posted a video of himself in which he appeared to be criticizing conservative Christians. 

In the video, he argues that previously he has faced violence for sharing views relating to his reflection about the Scriptures. This was considered to be alluding to the criticisms that he had previously received after he ridiculed Christians who are voting for former President Donald Trump, and law enforcement officers during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. 

Ritchson, who was in the film “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,” posted a number of videos on his “InstaChurch” YouTube channel in which he spoke about Christianity and the meaning he has gained from his faith. 

In the latest video lectures, he referred to a major Christian group in the United States that was mistreating foreigners and those who did not “fly your flag.” He started by mentioning the Bible verse Jeremiah 22: 2-3 which he applied to the real world would mean that they needed to help the fatherless and foreigners, but there were some Christians in the country who as he argued were using their voting rights to do the exact opposite. 

He continued by noting that this bible verse referred to a kind of generosity that would be available to all, not just the believers, and that it is not just for those whom the church has indoctrinated or those who are Americans and are flying your flag. Instead, as he argued it is for everyone. 

In April, Ritchson did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in which he blasted some Christians who had backed Trump. As he had argued at the time, Trump was a “rapist and a con man” but despite this, it appeared that the Christian Church was treating Trump as if is the “poster child.” He continued by noting that this was something he did not understand. 

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