Supreme Court Steps Up To Save America While Biden Refuses

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday Rep. Mike Collins (R-Ga.) praised the Supreme Court for having allowed a Texas law that would give law enforcement the right to arrest anyone that they had suspected to have entered the country illegally to go into effect.  

The Supreme Court had determined on Tuesday in the order that S.B. 4 as the law is known was going to be allowed to go into effect. Collins had referred to the law as being a “great win” for the United States. 

Last year Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a law last year which gave Texas law enforcement officers the power to arrest all those they had suspected of having entered the United States illegally. Those arrested could face either time in prison or deportation. 

On “The Hill” on NewsNation Collins argued that for months he has been arguing that every single state had been turned into a border state, and noted that Texas had a major win today. He added that this was an important win for the United States. 

As he pointed out, this decision had shown that there is an alternative if the Biden administration decided that they would not be securing the U.S. border and that states could at least make decisions to try and deal with the flow of illegal migrants. 

The case could still return to the Supreme Court as the current decision is not final. 

Collins suggested that it would be a good idea for the Georgia legislature to bring forward a similar law to the one that has passed in Texas.

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