Supreme Court Makes Stunning Ruling On The No Fly List Case

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, the Supreme Court had ruled that a man who had challenged the decision of the government to place him on a No Fly List would be allowed to proceed with his lawsuit. 

U.S. citizen Yonas Fikre, who had resided in Sudan in the past, has sued the FBI over his placement on the list, arguing that it is unlawful. The government had proceeded to remove him from the list and had signaled that it was not likely that he would be readded to the list. They proceeded to contend with the lawsuit arguing that it was “moot” because the man was no longer included on the list. They proceeded to argue that as such the case needed to be completely tossed out. 

The government has already warned that not finding this lawsuit moot could potentially result in the government needing to disclose classified information. The Supreme Court had rejected this claim and had unanimously decided that Fikre’s case should be allowed to proceed. 

In the court opinion piece, Justice Neil Gorsuch pointed out that this judgment was a “provisional one.” He continued by arguing that the government had not shown that the case was moot and that it did not mean that it would “never be able to” be shown as moot. They added that as the case unfolded they would be testing the allegations to determine if they were true. 

Fikre had reportedly traveled to Sudan in 2009 and had been questioned by the FBI while he was there.

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