Red State Republican Caught In Major Scandal

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – The office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is requesting from the public information about any leads they might have in connection to the suspected arson attack after a dumpster near the office caught on fire on Wednesday.

On Thursday, The Quorum Report editor Scott Braddock posted a video on Twitter of what is widely perceived to be the same incident, stating that there were many papers, and perhaps even documents that were destroyed by the first outside the Texas Attorney General’s office.

The fire broke out only after the House General Investigating Committee investigation alleged that Paxton had committed several crimes and violations which could ultimately lead to him being impeached. Some of the crimes that Paxton was accused of included misusing official information, abusing his official capacity, and retaliation.

During the three-hour Texas House committee hearing, evidence was presented from lawyers about the accusations against Paxton, which include accepting bribes from a real estate developer in Austin, firing officers for reporting him for taking the bribes, and attempting to find a job for the woman he had an affair with. Paxton has denied all of these allegations and has claimed that the probe is “the false testimony of highly partisan Democrat lawyers with the goal of manipulating and misleading the public is reprehensible.” The investigation is led by the Republicans.

In their request for information about the fire, his office tweeted out the surveillance footage and requested any assistance in helping identify the person who was responsible for the incident.

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