Major Group Says Biden Cannot Run In 2024

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – The Wall Street Journal editorial board has claimed that President Joe Biden should not seek re-election because of his age. On Friday, the Wall Street Journal editors wrote that the public is aware of something that Biden is refusing to admit, which is that electing someone of his age to serve for another four years would be a “historic mistake.”

While President Biden has not yet officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign, he has repetitively claimed that he is planning on running for office again.

In their editorial, the editors wrote that to have a man elected to office knowing that his second term is going to “end when he is 86 is a risky act that borders on selfish.” The editors have further claimed that the White House is currently going “to great lengths” to hide as best as possible all the indications that Biden’s health is declining. However, they argue that the decline is visible to everyone.

They proceeded to state that further evidence suggesting that Biden is not in a good position health-wise is the fact that he has not been having any press conferences, or scripted appearances and that in his few public appearances, he often stumbles or makes mistakes. They added that while people tend to age differently, in Biden’s case the decline in his health is “considerable” and that it would be unlikely that he would be able to serve a full second term.

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