House Republicans Target Radical Democrats

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( The House GOP is trying to divide the Democratic conference by forcing votes on toxic political issues. On Thursday a vote took place on a resolution that condemned socialism stating that it could fundamentally threaten the country’s prosperity. This resolution split the Democrats as 100 of the 212 Democratic members of the House refused to vote in favor of it.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was quick to use this as ammunition when talking with reporters. As he mentioned this was a vote on the U.S. Congress floor and yet there were 100 Democrats who did not agree that “socialism was wrong.” He proceeded to call that a “scary point of view.”

While the Republicans have continuously attacked socialism there are certain social welfare programs that McCarthy himself has vowed to protect. The Republicans are currently looking to make spending cuts in the budget, but the Speaker has said that both Social Security and Medicare are not on the table as they are funded by taxpayer contributions.

Still, for decades Republicans have been against these socialist programs and many GOP leaders still maintain that cuts to these programs are necessary.

Rep. Jim McGovern (Mass.), the top Democrat on the Rules Committee, said that McCarthy’s promises don’t fool anyone and that they don’t truly believe that he is interested in actually protecting these programs.

The GOP continues to try and pin “socialism” on the Democrats, which as a concept has been relatively successful with previously battleground states like Florida, now having turned completely red.

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