Biden’s DEI Banned In Red State

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

( – In Alabama, the GOP-led legislature has passed a new measure that would block all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs from receiving federal funding. 

The legislation which is going to ban such funding for DEI programs at boards of education, public colleges and universities as well as government agencies, specifically notes that teaching regarding race and gender is going to be restricted. As part of the bill transgender students are also not allowed to use the bathroom that most aligns with their gender identity while they are at public education institutions. 

The legislation specifically refers to “divisive concepts” which are defined as including any concepts that place blame on any religion, race, nationality, or gender. The bill further pointed out that certain concepts, including teachings that a person is “responsible for actions” that have been taken in the past, or that they should accept guilt for these actions and apologize because of their background, religion, gender, or race are also considered divisive. 

However, the bill does clarify that DEI programs and discussions are going to be permitted on campuses so long as state funds will not be used as part of these events. 

Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed tension following the passing of the bill. 

Republican state Rep. Ed Oliver, who led the bill, has condemned these initiatives for being divisive. Still, there are many Democrats in the state who have questioned whether this move is constitutional and have pointed out that there are concerns about how these new restrictions might affect Black staff, faculty, and students.

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