Biden Afraid Of Palestine Protestors?

Photo by Nikolas Gannon on Unsplash

( – In a recent interview with Fox News’s “America Reports,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham voiced concerns about President Biden’s response to pro-Palestinian protesters, suggesting that the President might be apprehensive about confronting them. This statement was made during a discussion with hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts and was reported by Mediaite.

The backdrop to Senator Graham’s remarks includes recent incidents of violence at Columbia University and the University of California, Los Angeles, which involved clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and police forces from the New York and Los Angeles Police Departments. These events are part of a broader wave of campus demonstrations focusing on Palestinian human rights and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza amid the conflict with Israel.

During his interview, Senator Graham also commented on the internal dynamics within the Democratic Party, claiming that there exists a “real Hamas wing” within the party, suggesting that some members hold extremist views that could threaten the existence of Israel.

These campus protests have not been without controversy. They have been criticized for instances of antisemitism, allegations that protest leaders at Columbia University have vehemently denied. In a statement, these leaders expressed their frustration with what they perceive as media distractions by certain inflammatory individuals who, according to them, do not represent the broader goals and values of their movement. They emphasized their rejection of hate and bigotry and highlighted their commitment to unity among a diverse group of students, including Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, Jewish, Black, and pro-Palestinian individuals.

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