VIDEO: Radical Climate Activist Meets Angry German Woman

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

( – European media have dubbed a woman in German as the “brutal blonde” after she removed a climate change activist from the road by dragging her. The protests were blocking traffic, which has become a more and more frequent phenomenon.

In the video, the woman shouts that the climate change protester needed to “get up” as they were blocking the road. She then proceeded to grab the activist by the hair and drag her off the road. The girl attempted to return to the road to block the road, but that only resulted in the other woman grabbing her by the hair and dragging her a second time.

The incident led to the activist being lightly injured according to the reports of the police in Recklinghausen. Police added that they would be investigating the videos and photos of the altercation to determine whether it was necessary for criminal proceedings to take place against the woman who forcefully removed the activist. They have also noted that the climate activist is also in custody.

The video was posted by the Letzte Generation (Last Generation) Climate activists, a group that has been organizing many of the protests. Many of the videos in the Twitter account run by the group show drivers getting out of their vehicles, yelling, and even forcibly removing the activists that are blocking the road.

Some of the drivers do not pay any attention to the activists, and instead just drive past them knocking them over.

Some of the methods used by the activists include being glued to the road, which makes it impossible for the first department to remove them without chipping some of the cement. One of the activists in a different video can be seen screaming in pain as they are attempting to free their hands from the cement.


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