Republican Caught Pouring Water On Democrat?

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – Vermont state Rep. Mary Morrissey (R) issued a public apology over her “disrespectful conduct” after a recent report emerged that she had over the course of five months repeatedly poured water into the bag of her colleague state Rep. Jim Carroll (D). 

During her statehouse floor remarks Morrissey stated that she was ashamed of her actions and that she had given Carroll her apology directly. She added that they would now be considering a possible resolution through the legislative process. She pointed out that her recent actions were unbecoming of a representative in her position and also a human, but that they should not be viewed as a reflection of her 28 years of service. She noted that she valued her colleagues. 

Carroll also asked for forgiveness for her actions from all the statehouse staff, those employed in the building, Vermont’s citizens, and Jim for her “poor judgment” and asked that they allow her the space to take the action necessary to fix what she had done. 

According to reports Carroll had for the last five months repeatedly found his tote bag full of water without any indication of why this was happening. Carroll, who takes the bag between legislative meetings, revealed that he ended up placing a small camera close to the committee coat room in order to figure out what was happening. In the video, Carroll first checks the bag because Morrissey follows him and pours water into his bag. 

On Monday Carroll responded to the apology stating that the five months of his bag being soaked had been “tormenting.”

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