Latino Voters Rejecting Trump And Biden?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Voto Latino released a new preliminary poll that showed that Latino voters are more likely to look at a possible third-party ticket as they are disenchanted by both President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The poll results showed that President Biden continued to have a lead among Latino voters in swing states, but that female and younger Hispanic voters have become increasingly more open to the possibility of backing third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Voto Latino CEO María Teresa Kumar argued that if people were looking at what Latinos in battleground states were considering, then 59 percent of them were backing Biden, while 39 percent were voting for the former President. She continued by noting that their poll asked specifically what would happen if a third-party candidate is included. As she noted, the results were alarming as they found that 14 percent of the voters would be voting for the third-party candidate, with President Biden being the candidate that would lose the majority of the vote. This would mean that Biden’s percentage dropped from 59 to 49 percent, while Trump only lost 5 percentage points. 

On Monday Kumar is planning on presenting the full poll results following a large survey of Latino voters that has been conducted by Voto Latino during past election cycles. She added that while the media has been focusing on young Latino men moving to the right, her group was more concerned about Latinas who are willing to consider third-party openness due to economic concerns.

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