Biden Pushes Crazy New Debate Excuse

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – If it’s not a cold, it’s foreign travel. President Joe Biden found a new excuse for his debate performance.

On Tuesday, Biden blamed foreign travel for his abysmal debate performance last Thursday, revealing he almost dozed off on the debate stage.

The President explained at a fundraising event in Virginia that he “wasn’t very smart,” because he “decided to travel around the world” a few times “shortly before the debate.”

Biden elaborated that he hadn’t listened to his staff, which meant he “almost fell asleep on stage.”

However, Biden hadn’t been on an international trip for nearly two weeks before the debate.

He traveled to Camp David on June 20 to spend a week preparing for the debate. He flew from Camp David to Atlanta on June 27, the day of the debate.

Biden returned from his last international trip on June 14. He had been in Italy for the G7 summit.

Before that, the President traveled to France to commemorate the June 6 D-Day anniversary.

The President also told donors he wasn’t making “an excuse,” but giving “an explanation” about the reason behind his poor performance.

Biden then told the donors he was sorry for his lackluster debate performance but emphasized winning the election was “critical.”

However, it appears that when Biden spoke to donors on Tuesday, he may not have fully recovered from his international travel as his fundraiser remarks were roughly six minutes, far shorter than the typical fundraiser remarks.

The President’s remarks could also draw more attention to his age, 81, given that it takes a healthy adult about a week to recover from jet lag.

The White House had initially blamed Biden’s poor debate performance on the President’s “cold,” then on Tuesday dodged questions about Biden’s mental state.

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