Zuckerberg-Backed Group Claims Schools Should Spy on Parents

Zuckerberg-Backed Group Claims Schools Should Spy on Parents

Zuckerberg-Backed Group Calls For New Wave Of Privacy Invasions

(TargetLiberty.org) – A digital learning platform funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is advising schools to keep track of what parents are saying and doing. The advice, hidden from the public but available to subscribers, is clearly aimed at heading off parental opposition to the controversial platform.

On July 25, Fox News reported that Summit Learning, an online education platform funded by the Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative, is secretly telling teachers to monitor what parents are saying about their children’s schools. The document, hidden in a teachers-only section of the platform, urges users to watch for “critical comments about Summit learning” on social media and cautions them to intervene if parents make “calls to evaluate the impact of Summit Learning mid-year.”

Summit has already run into issues with parents. In the fall of 2017, a Connecticut school district started using the platform, which allows students to learn at their own pace instead of setting clear goals for them. By December, opposition from parents had become so intense the district abandoned the experiment. In March, Utah parents blamed the platform for their kids struggling in school and demanded an opt-out.

The Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative, set up by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, uses the tech billionaire‘s money to promote a variety of left-wing causes. Now it’s inserting itself into our schools. Should tech billionaires be able to use nonprofits to push their agendas on our kids?

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