Zelenskyy Visits Freshly Recaptured City

Zelenskyy Visits Freshly Recaptured City

Zelenskyy Makes Surprise Visit To Recaptured City As Russian Forces Flee

(TargetLiberty.org) – Ukrainian forces are making great strides in repelling Russian forces from several areas. The United Kingdom recently announced the troops have managed to reclaim land “at least twice the size of Greater London.” Reports say the total in September alone equals about 1,500 square miles. One of those places was the city of Izium, which had been under Russian control for about six months.

On September 14, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the site unannounced to celebrate the victory with his soldiers. Although the devastation left by the enemy was great, the leader and his countrymen raised their nation’s flag and sang the national anthem together, commemorating the victory.

As the Ukrainians advanced, Russian forces seemed to quickly flee the city, leaving behind a large amount of military equipment they would’ve typically taken the time to destroy.

While there was much excitement amongst the men about their accomplishments, the group also observed a moment of silence to honor the fallen. Zelenskyy said the state of the city reminded him of Bucha, which saw signs of horrific abuses and executions of “hundreds of civilians.”

The commander tried to inspire his troops by vowing they would continue to reclaim their territory, proudly raising the Ukrainian flag as they moved forward on their mission to drive the Russians out of their country.

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