Zelenskyy Calls Out Trump for “Praising” Putin

Zelenskyy Calls Out Trump for

Zelenskyy TARGETS Trump – Latest Claims Cause Controversy

(TargetLiberty.org) – Ukraine’s leader has criticized former President Donald Trump for backing Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin. Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Trump should have realized what Putin was like long before Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Talking to CNN on September 12, Zelenskyy said he was “surprised” at Trump’s continued praise of Putin even while Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s borders. He said the former POTUS had “plenty of time,” plus all the data from US intelligence agencies, to build a psychological profile of the Russian president and work out just how dangerous he was.

During his presidency, Trump worked hard to reduce tensions between the US and Russia, and on several occasions, he actually praised Putin. Some of that praise was never going to go down well in Kyiv; for example, just hours before Russian forces launched their assault Trump said Putin was “smart,” because “he’s taken over a country for $2 worth of sanctions” and was “just walking right in.”

Putin’s walk into Ukraine has now turned into a bloody grind that’s killed or wounded hundreds of thousands of people and brought the Russian army to the edge of disintegration. Zelenskyy said Trump should have looked at the global implications of the invasion, which has pushed up the prices of energy and grain, before deciding if it was smart or not.

Is Zelenskyy right to say Trump had “pink glasses on” — or are his comments out of line?

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