Young Boy’s LAST WORDS Revealed Before Being Murdered!

Young Athlete Star Said

Young Athlete Star Said “Help” While Dying

( – A popular high school athlete has been shot dead by two fellow teens. The 18-year-old was on a double date with friends when he was killed outside a restaurant, apparently following an argument. His alleged murderers have been arrested.

On October 5, high school footballer Elijah DeWitt was enjoying a night out with his girlfriend, Bailey Reidling, and another couple in Lawrenceville, Georgia. DeWitt was visiting a Dave & Busters restaurant at the SugarLoaf Mills Mall and gave Reidling his wallet and asked her to get some food while he went to the restroom. Minutes later, her friend’s date told Reidling DeWitt had been shot. A bystander had already called 911, but after desperately pleading “Help” to his girlfriend, he died.

Cops soon discovered DeWitt had been involved in an altercation at the restaurant just before he died, after two young men asked him if he had any marijuana. Two days later, authorities arrested 19-year-old Chandler Richardson and 18-year-old Kemare Bryan in South Carolina and charged them with murder and possession of a firearm. Lawrenceville cops are waiting for them to be extradited back to Georgia.

The US is in the middle of a violent crime epidemic that’s wiped out years of progress. From 2019 to 2020, the homicide rate rose by 29%; last year it climbed another 5%. Democrats are in denial, but the wave of violence is all too obvious.

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