You Won’t Believe Whose Identity This Woman Stole

You Won't Believe Whose Identity This Woman Stole

( – According to Nikos Passas, a professor at Northeastern University, allegations of imposter schemes from April through September in the US numbered over 270,000. Unfortunately, the victims of such crimes are sometimes the unsuspecting children of calculating parents who use their identities for their own gain.

On December 6, Laura Oglesby pleaded guilty to knowingly providing false information to the Social Security Administration. The 48-year-old woman used her daughter’s information to obtain a social security card and driver’s license, thus assuming her identity.

The Missouri mother lived as 22-year-old Lauren Hays for two years, obtaining student loans to attend Southwest Baptist University, having college boyfriends, and trashing her daughter’s credit.

In 2018, Arkansas authorities contacted the Mountain View Police Department in Missouri, hoping to find Oglesby. They wanted her for stealing her estranged daughter’s identity and using it to embezzle over $25,000. Authorities in Mountain View discovered her living with a couple in Howell County who took her in under the ruse that she was in her early 20s and running from an abusive relationship.

Oglesby faces up to five years in prison for her crimes, she must pay back the money she stole from the university and also pay restitution to her daughter, the real Lauren Ashleigh Hays.

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