You Better Be on the Left to Protest Here

You Better Be on the Left to Protest Here

( – Dallas should’ve been hosting a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) event from Thursday to Sunday – but the city abruptly banned it just three days before it was due to begin. The ban costs the libertarian group almost a quarter of a million dollars. Meanwhile, the city’s Democrat mayor has done nothing to prevent far-left Black Lives Matter protests from going ahead.

YAL says it has been planning its Mobilize 2020 event for almost a year and has worked closely with city officials to make sure it could go ahead safely and smoothly, especially with the new difficulties created by the Wuhan virus pandemic. YAL President Cliff Maloney says the group had worked out solutions to every objection the city had, and that its plans were approved by the Dallas fire marshal and other officials just last week.

However, on Monday, August 3, the city council suddenly announced it was using its emergency force majeure powers to stop the event from going ahead. It’s a stark contrast with the praise Mayor Eric Johnson has piled on anti-police rallies in the city.

Now YAL says it’s planning to retaliate by getting its members out to knock on a million doors in the run-up to November’s presidential election. It’s safe to say they won’t be urging people to vote Democrat.

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