WSJ Staff Push Left-Wing Agenda on Editors

WSJ Staff Push Left-Wing Agenda on Editors

( – Last week Bari Weiss dramatically resigned as a New York Times editor, saying that the “woke” far-left activists who dominate the paper’s staff had subjected her to anti-Semitic abuse and made it impossible for her to work there. Now it seems the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal has read Weiss’s story – and drawn completely the wrong lesson from it.

An open letter signed by around 300 WSJ staffers, and sent to management on Tuesday, demands radical change in the paper’s editorial department. The WSJ’s opinion pages have traditionally taken a conservative line on most issues, but now the newsroom wants to force a “social justice” infested left-wing agenda on the 131-year-old pillar of the US establishment – and the mainstream media is backing them.

There’s been tension between the WSJ’s Conservative opinion writers and leftist reporters for decades, but why has it exploded into the open now? One likely reason is an editorial published last Friday discussing the Obama administration’s collusion with FBI attacks on President Trump and those around him.

Unfortunately, tensions are still high and not likely to cease anytime soon.

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