Women Make Up Huge Percentage of Gun Buyers, According to Survey

Women Make Up Huge Percentage of Gun Buyers, According to Survey

(TargetLiberty.org) – Guns sales have surged over the last two years. Experts believe it’s a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and concern over the performance of the Biden administration. While gun ownership is up, so is the number of women who are now carrying.

On September 16, the Wall Street Journal published the results of the 2021 National Firearms Survey preliminary report. It showed a surprising shift among gun ownership — nearly half of the new buyers are women. Historically, men have accounted for the vast majority of gun owners, with females only making up about 10% to 20%.

According to the survey, men purchased 4 million forearms between January 2019 through April 2021. Women, on the other hand, bought 3.5 million guns. Additionally, new buyers were more racially diverse than in years past. White people accounted for 55%, while 21% were black and 19% were Hispanic — 28% of the female buyers were also black.

The WSJ reported that San Diego Gun Owners CEO Wendy Hauffen said she believes women are carrying more to combat sexual assault and domestic violence.

The survey is only a snapshot of one year, but it could show that support for the Second Amendment is expanding across both racial and gender lines. That’s great news for gun rights.

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