Woman Defies Odds By Surviving Terrible Accident

Woman Defies Odds By Surviving Terrible Accident

(TargetLiberty.org) – A Washington woman took the concept of miraculous escapes to a new level last week, when she survived an accident that nobody should have been able to walk away from.

On November 16, a semi tractor trailer, heading north on I-5 across the Skagit River Bridge between Mount Vernon and Burlington, WA, hit the car in front of it. The car, a midsize Nissan Altima sedan, was totally destroyed by the impact. Its rear end was folded over and the cabin crushed, and the truck came to rest on top of the wreck.

Witnesses were convinced there could be no survivors from the smashed car, and when cops reached the scene they thought the same. However, when an officer walked around the scene, he heard a voice calling for help from the wreckage.

A tow truck lifted the semi clear of the car and its driver, a 46-year-old woman, crawled out through the smashed passenger window and walked away from the wreck. Fourteen-year veteran state trooper wrote on Twitter, “Miraculously believed to be minor injuries… I have never seen anything like it.”

State police later said the woman has some head and rib pain, but is otherwise unharmed. Things aren’t looking quite as good for the driver of the truck, though – he’s been cited for following the vehicle in front too closely.

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