Woman Arrested After Spitting

Woman Arrested After Spitting

(TargetLiberty.org) – In a prime example of how the Wuhan coronavirus crisis is turning this country authoritarian, a Connecticut woman has been arrested after an argument about one-way traffic for shopping carts escalated.

The incident took place at a Big Y store in Newtown, CT last week but wasn’t reported until Thursday, May 28. The store set up a one-way system through its aisles in an attempt to help customers maintain social distancing. Unfortunately, one male customer either got confused or ignored the system, and started down an aisle the wrong way. He was quickly confronted by 40-year-old Martine Shanchuk, who asked him to follow the directions.

When the man didn’t acknowledge Shanchuk, she chose to take matters into her own hands instead of simply avoiding him or reporting it to staff. She started shouting, finally removed her mask and spit in his face.

Shanchuk was arrested shortly after and has now been charged with second-degree breach of the peace – for which she could face six months in jail. The coronavirus is a threat to us, but petty authoritarianism looks like it’s going to be a bigger one.

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