Woman Alleges Harassment While Working for Google

Woman Alleges Harassment While Working for Google

(TargetLiberty.org) – Silicon Valley workers enjoy some of the nation’s most extravagant perks as big tech companies try to recruit top talent to their line-up. They enjoy travel stipends, flexible hours, and extended leave. Some companies provide onsite daycare services and luxury meals. However, one former worker vowed to “never love a job again” in the wake of her term of employment.

Former Google engineer Emi Nietfeld penned an op-ed piece detailing the horrors she endured working for the company for four years ending in 2019. On April 7, the New York Times published an article containing her account of experiencing more than a year of verbal sexual harassment by one of her male managers.

She said that the real horror came after she filed a complaint. Initially, she hesitated due to concerns she would be “cast out” of Google, a place she considered the workplace equivalent of the “Garden of Eden.”

However, all that changed once she lodged a complaint with Google’s human resources division. According to her, Google went from being a “great workplace” to operating like “any other company.”

Google’s Betrayal

Nietfeld wrote that she was forced to continue to work with her abuser both during and after a three-month investigation was conducted. Although it ultimately ruled in her favor and concluded her manager had violated Google’s harassment policy, the burden fell on her to take corrective action. The company suggested she turn to counseling to sort out the issue. It also proposed a leave of absence or working from home.

As Business Insider explained, this wasn’t the first incident with Google. The news website reported multiple other employees received similar treatment, such as being advised to take medical leave after experiencing racism and sexism in the workplace. Google has also faced a multitude of lawsuits regarding harassment, pay bias, and retaliation against whistleblowers.

All too often, women find themselves feeling trapped by the allure of high-paying and prestigious jobs. It certainly doesn’t help when companies like Google go out of their way to burden victims to correct the problems and not the abusers.

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