Woman Accused of Stealing Brains From Ex-Husband’s Lab

Woman Accused of Stealing Brains From Ex-Husband's Lab

(TargetLiberty.org) – Just when you think you’ve heard it all, some criminal does something that stops you in your tracks. The latest bizarre crime happened two weeks ago in Russia, and it’s so weird it’s impossible to describe the kind of crime. Was it a theft? Was it a kidnapping? Was it a business deal gone badly wrong? Or was it all of the above?

Two weeks ago, the Moscow Militia, the Russian capital’s police force, received an urgent call from businessman Danila Medvedev, asking them to stop a truck full of stolen goods. The twist was that Medvedev founded Russia’s first cryonics company, and the truck was loaded with frozen brains and human corpses (although Medvedev calls them “patients”).

In 2005, Medvedev and his then-wife Valeria Udalova founded KrioRus, and started signing up wealthy clients who wanted to be frozen after death in the hope future doctors can bring them back to life. Cryonics is controversial but legal, and there’s money in it – a “full-body cryopreservation” costs upwards of $35,000. For a mere $15,000, you can have your brain stored in a jar of liquid nitrogen and hope that, as well as bringing you back to life, future doctors can clone you a new body.

Sadly for the 81 people – a third of them British or American – who signed up with KrioRus, Medvedev and Udalova fell out and got divorced. Their business partnership broke up too, and now they both run their own cryonics companies. For the last year, they’ve been locked in a vicious legal battle for KrioRus’s patients, and it seems Udalova’s patience ran out.

On September 7, she and several accomplices allegedly cut a hole in KrioRus’s wall, broke open the storage containers, drained off the liquid nitrogen and stole frozen bodies and brains. It’s unknown whether the “patients” sustained any damage during the process. For these wealthy people, death might turn out to be forever after all.

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