Wisconsinites Voted, Was It an Effort in Futility?

Wisconsinites Voted, Was It an Effort in Futility?

(TargetLiberty.org) – Wisconsin held its presidential primary on Tuesday in spite of legal battles to postpone its primary election, or at least extend absentee balloting. Democratic Party voters got to pick between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. But then today Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.

Governor Tony Evers attempted to cancel in-person voting by executive order on Monday, but was overruled by the state supreme court later the same day. According to Politico, an hour later, the US Supreme Court ruled partially blocked a lower court’s extension of the state’s absentee ballot deadline.

Democrats were concerned if the election were held Tuesday as planned, their voter turnout would be depressed due to the virus. Especially concerning was the fact that many cities had just a fraction of the normal polling places open.

Anxious voters who did brave the polls maintained social distancing and wore masks while waiting in long lines to exercise their right to vote.

One has to wonder, however, if Bernie Sanders had dropped out of the race before Tuesday’s primary, now many voters would have happily stayed home.

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