Why Zelenskyy Thinks the World Should Be Behind Ukraine

Why Zelenskyy Thinks the World Should Be Behind Ukraine

(TargetLiberty.org) – The war between Russia and Ukraine continues into its fourth week with no signs it will resolve any time soon. The US and other countries are responding by placing heavy sanctions on President Vladimir Putin and Russia as a whole, but some here at home feel it isn’t enough. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy agrees.

Zelenskyy Speaks to Congress

In an impassioned speech before Congress on March 16, President Zelenskyy pleaded with officials to stand up for Ukraine and help them in their time of need.

Zelenskyy, who appeared via teleconference from Kyiv on the same day Russian forces allegedly struck a theater in Mariupol, minced few of his words. He praised his citizenry for refusing to give up or back down to Russian aggression, suggesting that quitting was never even on the table in the first place for “freedom-loving” Ukrainians.

President Zelenskyy then drew attention to the fact that the outcome of this war would effectively determine Ukraine’s fate, regardless of the outcome. He blasted Russia for attacking the tiny country’s values and for violating basic human rights.

Zelenskyy Implores Leaders to Remember Commonalities

The Ukrainian president didn’t solely focus on Russian transgressions, despite the fact that they prompted the event in the first place. He also implored congressional attendees to remember just how much the US and Ukraine have in common — and why that should motivate US officials to relate to their plight.

“Remember Pearl Harbor,” he implored. “Remember September 11. When innocent people were attacked from the air. No one expected it. You couldn’t stop it.”

That’s an experience Zelenskyy says Ukraine faces every single day. “Understand us now,” he begged. “ We need you right now.”

More Action Needed

US officials have already jumped into action to aid Ukraine in many ways. President Joe Biden issued more than $1 billion in military aid to the foreign country over the last year. More recently, he and other officials enacted harsh sanctions against Russian oligarchs and totally banned the import of Russian oil in the United States.

Zelenskyy was careful to express gratitude for these actions during his speech, but said the US and the rest of the world need to do more. He’s asking President Joe Biden to ramp up assistance by increasing sanctions, sending additional defense equipment, and declaring the airspace above Ukraine a no-fly zone.

The Ukrainian president also proposed the creation of a global anti-war committee focused on de-escalating conflicts and providing critical humanitarian aid. He implored Biden to step up and become a leader of peace.

Biden responded to Zelenskyy’s call for aid later that day.

While the President has not yet agreed to a no-fly zone, the US government announced a new $13.6-billion aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, March 15. Biden said officials have now added on another $800 million in military assistance. That amount allegedly includes both anti-air and anti-armor weapons systems to help ward off Russian attacks.

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