WHO Doesn’t Rule Out Possible Monkeypox Pandemic

WHO Doesn't Rule Out Possible Monkeypox Pandemic

World Health Organization Responds After Latest Monkeypox Outbreak

(TargetLiberty.org) – The World Health Organization (WHO) says it doesn’t think the current monkeypox outbreaks will lead to a global pandemic, but they’re also not ruling it out. However, the WHO said the same thing about COVID-19 in the beginning. Is that experience causing the agency to be more cautious about monkeypox?

During an online briefing on May 30, two WHO officials — Director of Epidemic Preparedness Sylvie Briand, and monkeypox expert Rosamund Lewis — said they “don’t think” monkeypox is going to spread out of control. Lewis said, “at the moment we are not concerned about [sic] a global pandemic,” but admitted there are still “many unknowns” about the virus. Briand said that while the current outbreak is very unusual, monkeypox is less of a pandemic risk because it’s not as easily transmitted as COVID-19, and that kind of outbreak could be contained.

The WHO has faced criticism for its role in the COVID pandemic. An independent review last year, commissioned by the organization itself, found the UN agency had made “serious failures” in the early stages. The review panel said the WHO should have declared COVID to be an international emergency on January 22, 2020. Instead, apparently under pressure from China, it didn’t act until January 30 — and, within a week, the disease had already spread much further.

So far this year, several cases of monkeypox have been reported outside Africa. The disease is transmitted by close contact and is unlikely to spread as fast or as far as the Wuhan coronavirus. WHO, after its COVID errors, seems wary of making a confident statement to this effect.

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