Whitmer Shoves Hypocrisy in Michiganders’ Faces

Whitmer Shoves Hypocrisy in Michiganders' Faces

(TargetLiberty.org) – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has caused a lot of controversy with her strict lockdown policies. She’s faced public protests and legal action from her state legislature asking her to start easing the rules and let Michiganders get on with their lives, but Whitmer has stuck to her guns. Even when restrictions have been removed, she’s urged people to keep obeying them anyway. Unfortunately for her, it’s now emerged that she’s not so keen on obeying them herself.

On April 9, Whitmer introduced a new ban on Michigan residents traveling between homes they own in the state. That ran through April 30, but when it lapsed Whitmer called on people to continue following the rule. That was bad enough, but then a local radio host posted photos of two vehicles parked outside Whitmer’s own holiday home by Birch Lake, MI. A license plate check on one of them showed it registered to Marc Mallory of Lansing, MI – Governor Whitmer’s husband. It seems Whitmer doesn’t think her own no-travel advice applies to her and her husband.

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