White House’s Pathetic Excuse For Biden Sparks Outrage

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – The White House responded to claims about why President Biden did not choose to commemorate 9/11 by visiting any of the three attack sites after Fox News’ Peter Doocy claimed that he was informed that the U.S. President was not making visits to Hawaii two decades after Pearl Harbor.

The President had been on a visit to Hanoi, Vietnam prior to the anniversary of the attack on September 11, 2001. As Doocy said he was given an analogy as an explanation on why Biden was not visiting one of the terrorist attack sites, and that he was told that U.S. presidents were not visiting Pearl Harbor 22 years after the attack.

However, this claim about not visiting Pearl Harbor is not entirely true. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Dec. 7, 2020, that President Kennedy had indeed visited the USS Arizona 22 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The post had noted that the president had visited the USS Arizona Memorial in 1963 commemorating all those who had lost their lives during the surprise attack.

Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, the majority of the U.S. Presidents have commemorated the event by participating in the memorials in New York, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, or the Pentagon. However, both former President George W. Bush and Barack Obama had spent one of the anniversaries in the White House rather than traveling to one of the sites. The 9/11 attacks caused 2,977 Americans to lose their lives.

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