White House Wants to Hold Social Media “Accountable” for Misinformation

White House Wants to Hold Social Media

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Biden administration took another big step towards censoring the internet on Tuesday, when a White House official proposed that social media firms should be “held accountable” for publishing “misinformation.”

The government has never been happy with the idea that social media sites let people express their views freely, and it’s always preferred to see them as content publishers, mainly so it can force them to police what users say. Now the White House is tightening the screw again, setting the scene for laws that might make tech firms delete anything politicians decide is “misinformation” – or face fines.

On July 20, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said the administration is “reviewing” policies, which could include amending the Communications Decency Act to make websites liable for comments the administration says are misleading. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki has already admitted that the government is flagging “problematic” Facebook posts.

Tech companies might be starting to realize they’ve backed the wrong horse. Twitter, Facebook and others attracted outrage from Conservatives during last year’s election campaign for their biased behavior, culminating in the deplatforming of President Trump in January. Now they’re coming under pressure from the government they helped to elect, and it seems they don’t like it. Last week, President Biden accused Facebook of “killing people” by allowing anti-vaccine posts (although he has since walked back those comments). Facebook slammed that as “accusations which aren’t supported by the facts.”

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