White House Spin of Biden’s Words Has People Wondering Who’s Really in Charge

White House Spin of Biden's Words Has People Wondering Who's Really in Charge

(TargetLiberty.org) – It’s a fact President Joe Biden is the oldest man ever to serve as President of the United States, but his gaffes lately have raised questions about his cognitive abilities. Recently, White House officials had to walk back off-the-cuff comments from Biden that could have worsened the situation in Ukraine, having some wonder who’s really in charge of the country and its foreign policy.

During a speech in Poland, Biden made it a point to say “[Putin] cannot remain in power,” creating an uproar about whether he was calling for a regime change in Russia. The White House scrambled to clean up the issue. While on the same trip, the president made it seem as though he was going to send US troops into Ukraine to see how brave they were during the war. The remark prompted officials to confirm the president had no intention of sending troops to support Ukraine.

A third statement had the White House in a panic to clean up yet another comment when Biden said he would use like-kind responses to a potential chemical attack from Russia.

With all the corrections after the fact and Biden refusing to take a cognitive test, some wonder if the president is in charge or the officials left to decipher his words and relay them to the world are running the show.

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