White House Sides With Trump Against Chinese Claims

White House Sides With Trump Against Chinese Claims

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Biden administration has spent its first six months in office trying to remember what its predecessor did, then doing the exact opposite. Now it’s finally run up against reality. Faced with the threat of an aggressive, expansionist China, the White House has decided former president Trump had the right idea after all.

On July 11, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken rejected almost all of Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. This week is the fifth anniversary of an international tribunal ruling that threw out China’s claims around the Spratly Islands. Last year, on the fourth anniversary, President Trump stated the US’s support for that ruling and also rejected China’s other claims outside its own territorial waters. This year, the Biden administration did the same.

Blinken’s statement could have been a rewrite of Mike Pompeo’s 2020 one, citing the same objections to China’s territorial ambitions and reaffirming the same US opposition. Like Pompeo, he reminded China that an attack on Philippine armed forces in the Spratly Islands would trigger a US-Philippines mutual defense agreement, and bring US forces in against China.

Right now, China is involved in territorial disputes with the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. President Trump backed those countries against Chinese aggression. Thankfully, for once Biden has put the interests of the US and its allies ahead of left-wing ideology and stuck with his predecessor’s successful policies.

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