White House Insider Said Trump Talked About Doing What?

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former White House communications director, argued that during his time in the White House former President Donald Trump had repeatedly referred to executing people. 

During an interview with Mediate’s Aidan McLaughlin where she discussed her time serving in the Trump administration, Griffin was asked what she believes a second Trump administration might look like. Griffin, who is now a “The View” co-host, claimed that she believes that many powerful GOP members, including former Attorney General Bill Barr and former Republican candidate Nikki Haley, were supporting Trump’s reelection bid despite knowing that he could cause a lot of damage. 

She argued that this was “power” which is “one of the most enticing things” in society. 

Griffin also pointed out that Barr had given an interview in April with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, where she had asked him whether he remembered who had leaked the information about Trump claiming that the person who had leaked the information about him going to a bunker during the 2020 Black Lives Matters protests needed to be executed. Barr in response had stated that he remembered that Trump had been “very mad about that.” He also claimed that he could not remember whether or not Trump had explicitly pushed for someone to be executed but that he could not dispute these claims. 

Griffin argued that she had been present during that meeting and that Trump had indeed claimed that the person responsible for the leak needed to be executed. She added that this was not the only occasion when he had spoken about executing people.

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