White House Does Damage Control With Biden’s Latest Remarks

White House Does Damage Control With Biden's Latest Remarks

(TargetLiberty.org) – President Biden has made another of his famous gaffes – but this one could have disastrous consequences. On Saturday, Biden went off script and appeared to call for regime change in Russia. Now, the White House is scrambling to cool things down.

Biden appeared to deviate from his prepared speech when talking to journalists in Warsaw, Poland on March 26, when he announced Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.” It’s the first time Biden has seemingly openly called for regime change in Russia, and with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine turning into a war of attrition this sort of language risks escalating tensions to a dangerous level.

US allies, including the UK, France, and Turkey, immediately distanced themselves from Biden’s remarks. The White House immediately switched into damage control mode and tried to explain that Biden hadn’t said what everyone heard him say. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken claimed Biden was saying Putin couldn’t exercise power over neighboring countries.

However, on Monday Biden doubled down on his statement, telling journalists “People like this shouldn’t be ruling countries.” Biden says he was expressing “moral outrage,” not making US policy – but will the strongman in the Kremlin see any difference?

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