White House Attacks Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Confirms Biden's Weak Leadership Emboldened Enemies

(TargetLiberty.org) The White House has criticized Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) over his recent comments that he is looking to “strengthen” Medicare and Social Security. Instead, they have noted that the House GOP leaders are looking to cut down on spending on these programs.

On Sunday, during an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” said that under no circumstance would they have any conversations about Medicare or Social Security being cut. However, he did say that if the Democrats want the debt ceiling to be raised, then they would need to commit to some spending cuts in other programs. McCarthy then went on to say that the GOP actually wanted to see Medicare and Social Security strengthened.

This plan for strengthening these entitlement programs has actually been presented in the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” but that presentation is not detailed. One of the recommendations simply asks that Congress should make reforms to extend these programs.

The White House has opposed the Speaker’s claims saying that the GOP has for years tried to reduce access to these benefits and to even cut the programs completely. They added that “strengthen” was simply a code word being used for the privatization of these entitlement programs. White House spokesman Andrew Bates also noted that what the Republicans want is to raise the age of retirement and cut down on benefits, not strengthen these programs.

The White House has also noted that the GOP sees spending cuts as the only solution to saving these programs and refuses to even consider increasing taxes for the wealthy.

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