Whistleblower Makes Stunning Allegations Against Election Officials

Whistleblower Makes Stunning Allegations Against Election Officials

(TargetLiberty.org) – New questions have been raised about last year’s controversial presidential election after a whistleblower claimed to have information about thousands of missing ballots – and released evidence to back it up.

On November 18, residents of Delaware County, PA, filed a lawsuit against the county’s election board, the former Pennsylvania Secretary of State, the county government and numerous election officials, after a whistleblower released videos that seem to show county election officials talking about destroying thousands of ballots last November. The suit alleges violations of state election law and a conspiracy to bury the evidence.

The unnamed whistleblower says thousands of mail-in and absentee ballots were shredded by an election machine – possibly enough ballots to have flipped the state’s election result. One of the three videos they’ve released shows county attorney Tom Gallagher throwing what appears to be ballots into a trash can and saying he didn’t want anyone to think they threw ballots away, so “We’re going to have a little campfire going.”

Two more videos show other officials discussing the destruction of election material, including one admitting that it’s a felony. The lawsuit alleges that Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer ignored the evidence, taking no action when it was presented to him.

Delaware County was the last in the state to finish reporting its election results. Now some residents want to know why it took so long – and what, if anything, officials are hiding.

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